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Here we are special experts

In the healthcare sector we are one of Austria´s most competent and innovative
IT consulting companies.

We concentrate our special expertise on IT solutions for hospitals and similar healthcare institutions, and here we have with Hubert Sefkovicz, the founder and managing director of HS Informatik, a recognized top expert with long-term international expertise.

Hubert Sefkovicz is one of few specialists who already several times had the opportunity to plan comprehensive integrated hospital information systems completely from scratch and to implement really innovative solution concepts and systems architectures.
As a leading systems analyst and planner and as decisive systems architect he was responsible for the entire development process of the state-of-the-art solutions in an international working environment.

This special experience is the basis of our particulary broad and excellent know-how in the field of IT solutions for hospitals and for supporting healthcare institutions and
IT manufacturers in analysing, planning, developing and setting-up administrative, medical and medical engineering IT systems.

We are experts in

  • IT consulting for healthcare institutions
    (Consulting, systems analysis, planning, project organization)

    • Evaluation of existing and planned IT solutions and solution concepts
    • Evaluation of weak spots and risks
    • Planning of special made-to-measure solutions
    • Development of optimization concepts
    • Development of overall strategic IT concepts
    • Development of integration concepts for isolated IT systems
    • Development of cross-functional and system spanning
      IT workflows
    • Development and application of technical standards
    • Analysis of site spanning processes
    • Analysis and optimization of business processes and data flows
    • Analysis and conception of organizational and data technical interfaces
    • Analysis of invoicing procedures and financial methods
    • Analysis of the logistics
    • Analysis and assessment of future trends and requirements
    • Evaluation of organizational requirements and formal basic conditions
    • Drafting of feasibility studies
    • Compiling of requirements specifications and tender documents
    • Development of assessment criteria and approval procedures
    • Consulting on systems selection and tenderer selection
    • Management of IT projects
    • Change management
    • Crises management in IT system emergencies
    • Expert consulting on systems introduction procedures and on systems extensions
  • Consulting for IT manufacturers in the healthcare sector
    (Consulting, systems design, technical and organizational support of the product development)

    • Systems design and applications design of hospital information systems (HIS)
    • Design of administrative, medical and medical engineering subsystems
    • Redesign of old HIS solutions
    • Integration of heterogeneous systems
    • Evaluation of solution concepts
    • Assessment of development tools and methods
    • Evaluation and design of interfaces
    • Internationalization of software and databases
    • Development planning
    • Release planning
    • Management of development projects and organizational projects
    • Assessment of prototypes
    • Expert consulting of development teams
    • Project auditing and quality assurance
    • Support of acceptance tests and certification processes
    • Implemention of support processes
    • Planning of further development strategies
    • Development of new innovative solution concepts and systems architectures for "Next Generation Hospital Information Systems"
    • Development and application of technical standards

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