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Europe's leading experts for putting
IEC 80001-1 into practice

We assist our hospital clients in implementing IEC 80001-1 as smoothly and efficiently as possible

We make medical device manufacturers, vendors & IT service providers ready for IEC 80001

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Safety of networked medical devices and IT systems for hospitals are our real passion.
In this special expert field we have comprehensive know-how that only few others have, and here we are one of Austria´s most competent IT consulting companies.

Here we are the leading experts: IEC 80001-1, the world-wide state of the art for IT networks with connected medical devices.
We are co-developers of the international Standard IEC 80001-1 for safe operation of networked medical devices. As experts from the very start we are Austria´s main contact for IEC 80001 already since 2006.
You can profit from our international lead in terms of information from actual first-hand background knowledge!

What does IEC 80001 mean for you as a healthcare institution?

What does IEC 80001 mean for you as a manufacturer of medical devices and / or medical software?

What does IEC 80001 mean for you as an IT manufacturer, IT vendor or provider of IT services?

How can IEC 80001 be put to practice in hospitals as efficiently as possible?

How can IEC 80001 provide a key benefit for the safetyness of patient data in times of rapidly rising cyber security risks?

Hubert Sefkovicz, owner and managing director of HS Informatik, is one of the "pioneers" of the standard IEC 80001:
As a member of the international IEC expert team (SC62A, JWG7) he was closely involved in the development of the 80001-1 main standard. Since 2010, he is co-developer of additional IEC 80001-2 Technical Reports for supporting the users in putting IEC 80001-1 into practice.

Hubert Sefkovicz is an Austrian expert and delegate to national und international technical committees for medical devices and health software and speaker at international specialist congresses.

In our businees segment Industrial IT we develop taylor-made system interfaces and concepts for data and system security for our customers.

We can help you to develop optimal IT strategies and to make the right decisions --- Competent and independent IT consulting for all your business levels

We can assist you to get your IT ready for supporting your future business processes --- With comprehensive systems analysis and strategic planning we begin optimizing your IT systems for the next years´ needs

Do you develop networked IT applications for the healthcare sector? --- Our special expert knowledge in planning and designing integrated IT systems for hospitals is internationally reputed already for years

You are extending your production sites to Eastern Europe? --- We support companies in implementing multinational production processes, already in five new European Union member states and in Russia

Interesting for you? Come on and take a closer look on our special services!

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